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A woman from Akershus in Norway has been stunned by the news that she is now 72 million kr (€7.4 million) richer after matching the full winning line in Wednesday’s Vikinglotto draw. The lucky lady is still getting her head around what has happened but is looking forward to sharing the money with loved ones.

A trio of Norwegian ticket holders are celebrating after becoming multi-millionaires following the Vikinglotto draw on Wednesday 29th November. The three players, including a married couple, matched all six main numbers – 3, 10, 16, 17, 29 and 30 – to win 1.49 million kr (€153,798) each.

No one from the nine participating countries was able to match all seven numbers including the Viking Ball to win the €5.8 million jackpot on the night, so the three Norwegians were the biggest victors from over 300,000 winners. A full prize breakdown from the draw can be found here.