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Akershus Woman Thrilled With Second Prize As Jackpot Tops €11 Million

Akershus Woman Thrilled With Second Prize As Jackpot Tops €11 Million

A woman from Akershus in Norway has revealed that she knows exactly how she will spend her newfound wealth after winning a fantastic prize in the latest Vikinglotto draw.

A jackpot of €9.3 million was up for grabs in the draw on Wednesday 16th March, but nobody was quite able to match all the winning numbers. They were 22, 32, 34, 38, 39 and 40, with Viking number 5, and the biggest winners were the two players who matched all six of the main numbers to each receive a prize worth €118,316.

One of the two big winners came from Estonia and the other from Norway. Norwegian national lottery provider Norsk Tipping quickly tracked down its winner to give the good news, and the lucky lady was stunned to discover that she was suddenly 1.1 million kr richer.

She said: “I'll have to have a glass of wine or two. I am in the caravan now, and I hope I get to sleep tonight. This was completely unthinkable. I have both old cars and caravans, and a little debt, so I know what the money is going on.”

Vikinglotto Jackpot Keeps Climbing

There were thousands of winners across the nine participating countries, and you can take a look at the Vikinglotto Results page to find out more information about the number of winners and the exact prize payouts.

The jackpot for the next draw on Wednesday will now be worth a fantastic €11 million. The top prize has been growing since 11th April, when a Norwegian ticket holder matched all six main numbers and the Viking number to win an extraordinary jackpot worth 319 million kr (€33.1 million).

The win last month was one of the biggest ever seen in the 25-year history of Vikinglotto. Contacted by Norsk Tipping, the lucky player described the feeling as ‘absurd but also amazing’. He did not manage to get much sleep the night he found out, but still went to work the following day and has no plans to quit his job.

The record for the largest Vikinglotto jackpot of all time stands at €44.2 million and dates back to August 2016, when a ticket holder from Denmark and a player from Norway both matched all six main numbers and the Viking number to take home more than €22 million each.

A jackpot cap of €35 million has since been put in place, and a woman from Oslo can claim to be the biggest winner on a single ticket after netting a top prize worth 341 million kr (€35 million). The jackpot resets to €3 million for the next draw once it has been won.

How to play Vikinglotto

Vikinglotto requires players to select six numbers from 1 to 48 and a Viking number between 1 and 8, for the chance to win prizes in multiple tiers. Draws take place at 20:00 CET in Hamar, Norway, every Wednesday evening, and fans of the game can take part by going to authorised retailers or playing online.

The game is played in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Slovenia and Sweden. Each country contributes to the top two prizes and sets its own prize categories for players who match fewer than six main numbers. There are also a number of other games to enjoy in most of the participating nations, including Eurojackpot, separate Lotto draws and different versions of Joker.

If you want to try and follow in the the footsteps of the latest winner from Norway, or perhaps go one better and land the jackpot, you can play online now ahead of the €11.2 million draw on Wednesday.

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Last Updated Monday 21 May, 2018 at 14:37
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