Become Vikinglotto’s First Jackpot Winner of the Year

Become Vikinglotto’s First Jackpot Winner of the Year

It may be nearing the end of January 2019, but Vikinglotto is still waiting to crown its first jackpot winner of the year. Ticket holders from all nine participating countries have come close to landing the jackpot in the first five draws of the year, so let’s look back on what’s happened over the past month and look ahead to the upcoming draws in February and beyond.

Five Players Were a Viking Ball Away From January Jackpot    

There have been five Vikinglotto draws held in January and five ticket holders have come within a whisker of landing the jackpot for themselves. The first game of the month on 2nd January saw four players – two apiece from Lithuania and Norway – match all six main numbers, but they just missed out on the jackpot after failing to land the Viking Ball. A single player from Norway followed the same pattern in the next game and, after another two rollovers, the jackpot stands at an estimated €12.1 million ahead of the draw on Wednesday 6th February.

Will a February Ticket Holder Match all Seven Numbers?

With four Vikinglotto draws to come in February, there is every chance the first jackpot winner of the year could be crowned, but there could also be a further four rollovers going into March. The jackpot may be nearing the €35 million jackpot cap by then and, if it is reached, the prize money will roll down to the next tier, which also has a €35 million cap. The record Vikinglotto payout was worth €44 million, paid out to two winning tickets in Norway and Denmark before the jackpot cap was introduced in 2017.

Take Part Today

Whilst the odds of winning the lottery’s top prize are just over 1 in 98 million, there are ways to improve your chances of winning. These include playing system games, joining an online syndicate, participating in cooperative banks and buying more tickets. Whilst these entry methods don’t guarantee winning a prize, they offer refreshing and potentially new ways to enter Vikinglotto.

A recent study found that, of all the participating countries, Norway has produced the most winners since Vikinglotto launched in 1993. The Norwegian city of Oslo lead the way with 92 millionaires at the time the research was carried out – more than any other city in the country. You don’t have to reside in Norway to enter the upcoming draw for €12.1 million, and you can play online from various locations around the world to be in with a chance of winning. Pick your numbers today and you could become the game’s first jackpot winner of the year!

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