Norwegian Teenager Wins Big Vikinglotto Prize

Norwegian Teenager Wins Big Vikinglotto Prize

A 19-year-old from Asker in Norway has expressed his disbelief after winning 6.6 million kr (€670,768) in the latest Vikinglotto draw. The young man described the news as ‘completely sick’ and revealed that the first thing he needed to do was tell his parents.

The winning numbers on Wednesday 11th September were 7, 12, 22, 31, 32 and 45, with a Viking Ball of 5. Nobody won the €7 million jackpot, but the Norwegian teenager did manage to match all six main numbers and only missed out on the Viking Ball.

Contacted by Norwegian lottery operator Norsk Tipping after the draw with the news that he was the only Match 6 winner, he admitted it was a huge shock. He is now in the unusual position of being both a student and a millionaire.

“Wow. It’s completely sick,” said the winner, who played Vikinglotto online. He had only previously bought a few tickets in his entire life and did not expect to be so lucky. “This is a bit difficult to take in. I can’t think right now (of what to do with the money), but at least I’ll save a lot.”

Asked how he would spend the rest of his evening, he said: “I was going to sleep but I think that will be difficult now. I should at least call my parents and tell them what has happened.”

Vikinglotto Prizes

The teenager is the second young Norwegian to win a big Vikinglotto prize in the space of a few weeks. A man in his 20s won a jackpot of 101 million kr (€10 million) on 14th August, but insisted that he would still be going to a job interview that he had lined up a few days later.

The jackpot has rolled over four times in a row since that draw in August, and will now rise to €8.4 million for the next game on Wednesday 18th September.

The top two prizes are shared between all nine participating countries, and each nation then decides how to distribute the rest of the prize money at a domestic level. The jackpot receives €0.11 from each line sold in every country, with €0.018 going to the Match 6 prize. Both of the top two prizes roll over to the following draw if there are no winners, although the prize for the second tier can never be higher than the jackpot.

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Published Friday 13 September 2019 at 12:19
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