Norwegian Woman Wins Vikinglotto Jackpot

Norwegian Woman Wins Vikinglotto Jackpot

A woman from Akershus in Norway has been stunned by the news that she is now 72 million kr (€7.4 million) richer after matching the full winning line in Wednesday’s Vikinglotto draw. The lucky lady is still getting her head around what has happened but is looking forward to sharing the money with loved ones.

She was contacted by Norsk Tipping with the good news shortly after the numbers 5, 14, 16, 21, 31 and 41 were drawn last night, along with Viking Ball 7. Not only had she won the jackpot, but she had also pocketed six prizes in the third tier - worth 29,205 kr (€28,729) each - after buying her ticket via Norsk Tipping’s app.

“That cannot be true,” she said when she took the phone call from Norway’s national lottery operator, before admitting that it was hard to know how to react. “OMG. Now I have to try to breathe here. This is completely unreal.” Asked how she would spend her winnings, she said: “I cannot think so far. There is so much money. What is certain is that some of it will go to close family.”

The winner, whose identity will remain anonymous, will be fully supported by Norsk Tipping as she comes to terms with such a big change in her life. Communications adviser Roar Jødahl explained: “It's a wonderful thing when the dream of the big prize comes true, but it's good with some help on the road. Therefore, it is important for Norsk Tipping to ensure that the winner is taken care of in the best possible way. We do our best to ensure that the winner is well equipped to handle the new life situation, both economically and legally.”

Great Evening For Norway

On a great evening for Norwegian players, one man from Eigersund in Rogaland also won 2.2 million kr (€235,316) after matching all six main numbers without the Viking number. When Norsk Tipping called to congratulate him, he joked that he had been feeling down after Norway’s handball loss but the win was a ‘good patch on the wound’.

There were over 299,000 other winners across the other prize categories in all the participating countries. Go to the Vikinglotto Results page to see a full prize breakdown.

The jackpot had been climbing since two Norwegian players shared 285 million kr (€29 million) on 7th November. The largest prize ever won on Vikinglotto was the €44.2 million split between two participants - one from Norway and one from Denmark - in August 2016.

The jackpot for the next draw will reset to €3 million. You can try to become the latest winner by going to an authorised retailer or choosing your numbers online. Good luck!

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Published Thursday 6 December 2018 at 11:51
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