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Norwegians Win Big Prizes In Eurojackpot Lottery

Norwegians Win Big Prizes In Eurojackpot Lottery

The Eurojackpot lottery is breaking records at the moment, having gone 12 draws without a jackpot winner. The lottery’s top prize hit its cap of €90 million three weeks ago and since then players around Europe - including those in Norway - have been cashing in on the huge prizes available.

Jackpot Cap Means Big Prizes All Round

The jackpot cap has been hit before, but on previous occasions the top prize has never rolled over after reaching it; the €90 million has always been won at the first attempt. History has been made over the last few weeks, then, as the huge cash prize has eluded players since the cap was reached on Friday 25th May. The jackpot has not been won at all since Friday 23rd March, when a Norwegian woman from Aust-Agder won 167 million kr (€17.4 million).

This is good news for the lottery's other winners, as some prizes are worth a lot more while the jackpot remains at its cap. Usually, revenue from ticket sales goes into the jackpot to push it higher, but as it cannot increase any further at the moment, that money instead goes into the prize tier below. Players who match five numbers plus one Euro number will take home a share of €24 million, a prize worth more than double the value of the lottery’s starting jackpot of €10 million.

In the draw on Friday 15th June, 28 players matched enough numbers to win this second prize, each taking home €853,156. The huge jackpot has created a lot of extra interest, so there were many more winners than usual, with 1.6 million players winning some sort of prize, compared to just 900,000 on 11th May. There are usually only several winners in the second prize tier; that there were 28 in last week’s draw shows just how much attention there is on Eurojackpot at the moment.

The extra interest means that even more tickets are being sold, which creates even bigger prizes. It is the most valuable lottery in Europe at the moment and as you might not even need to win the jackpot to become a millionaire, it is the game with the best return. You can play by buying a ticket from a retailer in any of the 18 participating countries or by entering online.

Norwegian players are already cashing in on the prize money that Eurojackpot has to offer, with three players matching five numbers in Friday’s draw to win 291,710 (€30,721) each. The winners, from Sandefjord, Stavanger, and Moss, said that the money will go towards holidays and a new apartment. In addition, a man from Rogaland was made a millionaire after winning Norsk Tipping’s national Eurojackpot raffle. The man, who won 1 million kr (€105,316) and a travel voucher worth 100,000 kr (€10,531), said he would “let the millionaire status sink in with some red wine.” Every player in Norway who buys a ticket for Eurojackpot is entered into the raffle, which takes place every Friday alongside the main draw.

Vikinglotto Jackpot Reaches €19 million

Eurojackpot might be attracting the attention of many players at the moment, but Vikinglotto’s top prize also continues to climb. The estimated jackpot for the draw on Wednesday 20th June is €19 million, after it has gone without a winner for over two months. It will continue to climb until it hits its own jackpot cap of €35 million.

The top prize may not have been won, but two players matched six numbers to win the second prize, each taking home €251,731. One of the winners was a Norwegian woman from Lakselv, who did not believe it was Norsk Tipping on the other end of the phone when they called to congratulate her.

See the Results page for a full breakdown of the prizes won in last week’s draw.

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Published Tuesday 19 June, 2018 at 09:44
Published by Viking-Lotto.net
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