Vikinglotto & Good Causes - Norway

Vikinglotto & Good Causes - Norway

Vikinglotto began in 1991, comprising national lotteries from its nine member countries – Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia.  Vikinglotto was the first of its kind: a multi-national lottery in Europe, preceding EuroMillions by 13 years.

Though the rules and top prizes are common with every participating country, there is no central organisation that handles Vikinglotto’s ticket revenue. If you buy a ticket in Denmark, you are buying a ticket from Denmark’s lottery organisation Danske Spil. As such, the proceeds from a Vikinglotto ticket will be handled differently, depending on the country it’s purchased from.

So, when national lotteries exist partly to fund good causes in their country, what is your Vikinglotto ticket paying for? This series will look at each Vikinglotto member country’s national lottery organisation, and the ins and outs of how it benefits good causes in its country.

In this edition, we’ll be looking at Norway’s national lottery, Norsk Tipping, and the innovative programmes that involve players in allocating funding to a wide variety of beneficiaries.

Norsk Tipping

Norsk Tipping is Norway’s national lottery organisation, formed in 1948 – with the initial purpose of offering football pools, to raise money for sports and sports science. The organisation’s lottery offerings began with Lotto in 1986, before the formation of Vikinglotto in 1991.

Today, Norsk Tipping offers eight different games, with all profits from every game paid towards sports and cultural organisations, as well as humanitarian organisations and other socially beneficial groups from the grassroots up. So how are these funds distributed?


The Grasrotandelen, or “Grassroots Share” is a pioneering programme which benefits small charities and organisations, by letting you choose exactly where the profits from your ticket go. In 2018 alone, NOK 649 million was given to recipients across Norway, with football clubs, animal conservation societies and cultural associations benefitting the most.

The Grasrotandelen is allocated seven per cent of every Norsk Tipping ticket sale – 14 per cent from some national games – but what sets it apart from any other lottery fund is the way in which that seven per cent funds good causes.

Almost all Norsk Tipping games, including Vikinglotto, require an account and player card to participate. If you play Vikinglotto in Norway, you can register to take part in the Grasrotandelen using your account - either online, through your phone or with a retailer. Your account tracks every Vikinglotto purchase you make, and, through registering to take part, allows you to choose exactly which organisations receive the seven per cent share of your ticket price. If you spend NOK 40 on Vikinglotto tickets in a month, you get to pick which association or organisation receives NOK 3 of that money.

Becoming a Grasrotandelen beneficiary is about as easy as donating to one; fill out an application online, and, once you’re approved, you’re able to directly receive funds from players who choose to donate to you.

In 2018, nearly 1.2 million Norsk Tipping players participated in the Grasrotandelen programme, allocating NOK 549 apiece on average.


The Drømmetanken, or “Dream Tank”, is another innovative way that Norsk Tipping engages with socially beneficial organisations in Norway. It is an online portal, through which you can apply to win various red-letter day experiences hosted by beneficiaries of Norsk Tipping’s lottery funding. Such experiences range from music festivals to activity weekends with a wide variety of organisations - including the Snowboard Federation and the Society for Sea Rescue.

Applications involve sending in a brief summary of yourself, and why you believe you should be the recipient of the prize. Winners of Dream Tank prizes are decided by a jury, which includes advisors and sponsors of Norsk Tipping. They read through all applications, and choose winners based on how compelling their summary is.

Not only do the Drømmetanken competitions promote the work lottery-funded organisations undertake, but they also have wider benefits for the good causes they promote. In 2018, four cross-country skiers in training were given the chance to spend a weekend in Holmenkollen with the national cross-country skiing team, after their coach sent an application to Drømmetanken in secret. Though not receiving lottery funding directly, the training skiers were instead given an unforgettable experience in their field.


Norsk Tipping generates an average of NOK 15 million profit per day from ticket sales, all of which funds good causes in Norway – whether it’s a grassroots football team funded by local supporters’ seven per cent, or a citywide music festival, directly funded and passing on the fun to a lucky Drømmetanken winner.

You can enter Vikinglotto by visiting any authorised retailer in a participating country. You can also choose your numbers online; you’ll never lose a ticket again, and you’ll be notified immediately of a win. You can also set up subscriptions, ensuring you never miss a draw.

For more information on Vikinglotto, take a look at our How to Play guide, or read up on Vikinglotto’s history.

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