Vikinglotto Changes to Be Rolled Out in Slovenia

Vikinglotto Changes to Be Rolled Out in Slovenia

Loterija Slovenije is set to introduce some changes to Vikinglotto, including the introduction of a brand new prize category. The changes will mean a greater number of winners in every draw.

The changes to Vikinglotto concern the introduction of a new ‘2+1’ prize category. It means that any player that matches two of the main numbers plus the Viking number will win a prize. Currently, players have to match at least three main numbers to win anything.

Slovenia’s prize structure is calculated on a pari-mutuel basis, meaning that the individual prize amounts vary from draw to draw. A portion of the money from ticket sales is transferred to the prize fund for every draw, and that money is split between the different prize categories according to set percentages.

The introduction of the new prize means that other prize amounts will also change, as the percentages allocated to each category will be altered to accommodate the new one. The table below shows the current prize structure versus what the new one will look like.

Prize Category Current % of Prize Fund New % of Prize Fund
5 + 1 22% 22%
5 11% 5%
4 + 1 8% 4%
4 14% 12%
3 + 1 11% 10%
3 34% 25%
2 + 1 - 22%

Note that the top two prizes (the 6+1 and 6+0 categories) are absent, as these are shared between all participating countries. The percentages in the table show how the remaining prize fund is split after Loterija Slovenije has made its contribution to the shared prize fund. See the Prizes page for more information.

As you can see from the table, all prize categories except for ‘5+1’ are due to change, with a portion of the money earmarked for these prizes to be diverted to the new prize category.

To put this into context, an individual ‘Match 5’ winner from Slovenia won €2,437.90 in the 5th December draw, conducted under the current prize structure. Under the new structure, this prize would have been worth somewhere in the region of  €1,100.

However, the changes will improve the overall odds of winning a prize. The odds of matching two numbers plus the Viking number are 1 in 58, slightly better than the 1 in 61 odds for matching three main numbers. So while other prizes may be reduced in value, there will be more winners in every draw.

These changes will come into effect from the Vikinglotto draw on 16th January and will only affect players in Slovenia. The prize structures in all other participating countries are not included in these changes.

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