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Vikinglotto Players Help To Raise Record Amounts For Good Causes In Norway

Vikinglotto Players Help To Raise Record Amounts For Good Causes In Norway

The enduring popularity of Vikinglotto in Norway has helped lottery operator Norsk Tipping to generate a record amount of money for its ‘Grassroots’ programme during the first eight months of 2018. Officials have welcomed the latest numbers but are still confident that even more can be done to support worthy organisations across the country.

What Is The New Record?

According to the latest figures, Norsk Tipping players generated 214 million kr (approximately €22.1 million) for the ‘Grassroots’ initiative from 1st May to 31st August of this year. Added to the 206 million kr that was raised during the first four months of the year, Norsk Tipping has been able to contribute 420 million kr so far in 2018. The corresponding figure for the first eight months of 2017 was 297 million kr.

Commenting on the 40 percent rise, Anne Helseth, who manages Norsk Tipping’s Grassroots scheme, said: “It is a lot of fun to report such numbers. Often the summer period has been a bit calmer than the other two periods, but now we have a nice increase to talk about.”

The Grassroots Programme

The Grassroots programme is one way in which money is raised for good causes in Norway. Norsk Tipping returns all of the profits raised from lottery games - including Vikinglotto and Lotto - to sports, culture, social and humanitarian projects in the country, but players can also have a say in where the money goes through the Grassroots scheme.

If you sign up to the Grassroots programme and buy a ticket for a Norsk Tipping game, you can decide where seven percent of the revenue from that ticket goes. There are thousands of organisations to choose from on the Norsk Tipping website, and the most popular ones so far this year have been Valerenga Football (2.3 million kr), Lions Club Fredrikstad (1.8 million kr) and the Association for the Relocation of Animals (1.8 million kr).

The majority of the funds this year have gone to sporting organisations (234.2 million kr), but culture and art (41.8 million kr) and recreation and social associations (37.7 million kr) have also been backed by many players.

The contribution was raised from five to seven percent at the start of the year to help give players more of an influence over the distribution of money to good causes, and over 1.1 million Norsk Tipping customers have now chosen a Grassroots recipient.

Tonje Sagstuen of Norsk Tipping said: “It's a formidable figure and shows the enormous support of organisational life in Norway. At the same time, there is plenty of room for more donors - in fact around 900,000 Norsk Tipping customers have not yet decided. That it is the customers themselves who decide who will receive this money is a nice reminder that Norsk Tipping and its profits are something that belongs to all of us.”

How Playing Vikinglotto Helps Good Causes

It is the revenue from games such as Vikinglotto that has made it possible for Norsk Tipping to help so many organisations, and all nine of the participating nations have their own ways of supporting good causes with the money that is raised from ticket sales.

You can help worthy projects whether you win a Vikinglotto prize or not, just by purchasing tickets for the next draw. The jackpot is up to €12.8 million ahead of Wednesday’s game, having not been won since a ticket holder from Hedmark in Norway pocketed €7.3 million on 25th July.

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Published Tuesday 11 September, 2018 at 14:48
Published by Viking-Lotto.net
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