Vikinglotto’s Luckiest Locations Revealed

Vikinglotto’s Luckiest Locations Revealed

Vikinglotto has created winners in every draw since the game was launched in 1993 and players from every participating country have been successful, but some locations have proved to be particularly lucky. Here’s which places have had the most joy.

Norway Tops The List

Norway dominates the list of big Vikinglotto winners ahead of all the other nations. A Cooperative Bank of ten Norwegian players owned one of the two winning entries for the largest draw of all time, sharing €44 million with a ticket holder from Denmark.

The four biggest prizes ever won on single tickets have also been claimed in Norway, including the woman from Oslo who landed 341 million kr (€35 million) in November 2017. Danish and Finnish players have also banked some colossal jackpots, and you can read more about the game’s biggest winners.

Norway’s success can be partly explained by the fact that there is a higher level of participation in the country than in other nations. It was also one of the five founding members of Vikinglotto along with Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, giving it more time to create more winners. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia joined much later.

Where is Luckiest in Norway?

Another way to judge the luckiest locations is to look at the number of winners per head of population, and a recent study in Norway has found that Fredrikstad has been the best place to play Vikinglotto.

There had been 27 prizes of 1 million kr or more won in Fredrikstad at the time the study was carried out. This worked out as one Vikinglotto millionaire per 2,999 inhabitants, the highest ratio among the 30 largest municipalities in Norway - based on population statistics from 2018. The following table shows the top five:

City Vikinglotto Millionaires Winners Per Capita
Fredrikstad 27 1 in 2,999
Porsgrunn 11 1 in 3,281
Skedsmo 16 1 in 3,386
Sarpsborg 15 1 in 3,703
Ringsaker 15 1 in 3,795

Asked about the findings, the mayor of Fredrikstad, Jon-Ivar Nygård, said that he wasn’t one of the millionaires but he was delighted for the city. He added: “We appreciate that we have beaten Sarpsborg this time. For in football it has been a lean time for Fredrikstad.”

While Oslo has had the most winners - 92 - Bergen has been the luckiest among the five biggest cities in Norway with one millionaire per 5,829 people. Sandnes came out bottom of the list of 30 with one millionaire per 25,443.

Odds The Same For Everyone

Norway has also started 2019 in fine style, with a man from Møre og Romsdal snagging 4.5 million kr on Wednesday 16th January after matching all six main numbers without the Viking Ball.

Nobody won the jackpot in the latest draw so it will now grow to €8.6 million (83 million kr). The odds of winning are the same for every line, regardless of whether you live in Fredrikstad or not, so why not take part by playing online or visiting an authorised retailer? Good luck!

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