Vikinglotto & Good Causes - Sweden

Vikinglotto & Good Causes - Sweden

Vikinglotto was the first of its kind when it formed in 1991: a multi-national lottery, comprising national lotteries from its five original member countries, preceding EuroMillions by 13 years. Today nine countries - Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia - participate in Vikinglotto, with jackpots frequently exceeding €10 million.

Though the rules and top prizes are shared across each participating country, there is no central organisation that handles Vikinglotto’s ticket revenue. If you buy a ticket in Norway, you are buying a ticket from Norway’s lottery organisation Norsk Tipping. As such, the proceeds from a Vikinglotto ticket will be handled differently, depending on the country it’s purchased from.

So, when national lotteries exist partly to fund good causes in their country, what is your Vikinglotto ticket paying for? This is the second piece in a series that looks at each Vikinglotto member country in turn, and the ins and outs of how its national lottery benefits good causes. In this edition, we’ll look at Sweden’s lottery organisation Svenska Spel, and its innovative Gräsroten service, which puts funding choices back into the players’ hands.

Svenska Spel

Svenska Spel was officially formed in 1997, after state lottery company Penninglotteriet and state betting organisation Tipstjänst merged. Lottery games in Sweden go back to 1897, when Penninglotteriet was first formed privately - to open up avenues for private funding. It wasn’t until 1939 that Penninglotteriet was sold into state ownership, with all profits thereafter going to cultural and charitable causes.


Svenska Spel’s primary way of distributing lottery revenue to charitable causes is via the Gräsroten system. Much like Norway’s Grasrotandelen, Gräsroten allows Vikinglotto players to choose how some of that good causes money is spent, by choosing the organisations that receive it.

The Gräsroten scheme is designed to specifically benefit youth sports, and grassroots sports organisations. Where Norway’s model allows players to directly allocate 7% of their ticket cost across any organisation that qualifies for lottery funding, Sweden’s Gräsroten is allocated a fixed amount per year - with players using a points system to affect how that amount is split between beneficiaries in sport.

SEK 50 million is set aside annually for youth sports charities, associations and organisations. For every crown a Vikinglotto player spends on tickets, they receive 10 points to their online account. They can then allocate those points to a beneficiary of their choosing. The more points a beneficiary receives from players, the more money they receive from the SEK 50 million fund.

In 2018, over 8,300 associations were benefited by the fund, making Svenska Spel the largest supporter of grassroots sport in Sweden. The association that received the most funds was Hammarby IF Football Association in Johanneshov, with nearly 33,000 people electing to put their points towards the club. Donations to Hammarby’s football club totalled SEK 1.5 million in 2018 – a life-changing amount of money for the club and its participants.

Government Funding

The SEK 50 million amateur sports fund is a small percentage of the annual profits generated by Svenska Spel. The rest of the organisation’s profits are delivered to Sweden’s state treasury, for distribution to good causes and charity schemes across the country by the Ministry of Finance. In 2018, SEK 4.5 billion in gaming profits was generated for the state treasury, making massive differences for charities and cultural organisations the country over.

Svenska Spel’s lottery offerings - including Vikinglotto - created a net revenue of SEK 4.7 billion in 2018, nearly half of which went towards good causes. A Vikinglotto ticket goes a long way to securing the future for culture, charity and grassroots sport in Sweden.

You can enter Vikinglotto by visiting any authorised retailer in a participating country. You can also choose your numbers online; you’ll never lose a ticket again, and you’ll be immediately notified of a win. You can also set up subscriptions, ensuring you never miss a draw.

For more information on Vikinglotto, take a look at our How to Play guide, or read up on Vikinglotto’s history.

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