Odds of Winning Vikinglotto

The odds of winning the Vikinglotto jackpot are 1 in 61,357,560, while the odds of winning the second prize are 1 in 15,339,390. The chances of winning a prize in the other tiers can vary depending on whether there are prizes for matching the Viking number and what country you are playing from.

Although the Viking number is drawn from a separate pool of balls, the chance of matching it also affects the odds of matching just the main numbers.

For example, the odds of matching exactly four main numbers are 1 in 950 in countries that don't have an additional tier for matching four numbers plus the Viking. In countries that have both of these tiers, the odds of matching exactly four numbers are slightly worse at 1 in 1188, as there is the added possibility that you will match the Viking number too.

The tables below show the odds of winning in each prize tier with or without the Viking number. See the Prizes page for more information about the prize tiers available in each country.

 Numbers Matched Numbers Matched Odds of Winning With Viking Number Odds of Winning Without Viking Number
Match 6 + Viking Number
Match 6 and Viking Ball
1 in 61,357,560
Match 6
Match 6
1 in 15,339,390
1 in 12,271,512*
Match 5 + Viking Number
Match 5 and Viking Ball
1 in 243,482
Match 5
Match 5
1 in 60,870
1 in 48,696
Match 4 + Viking Number
Match 4 and Viking Ball
1 in 4,750
Match 4
Match 4
1 in 1,187
1 in 950
Match 3 + Viking Number
Match 3 and Viking Ball
1 in 267
Match 3
Match 3
1 in 66
1 in 53
Overall odds of winning a prize: 1 in 21

*All participating countries play both the Match 6 and Match 6 + Viking tiers, so this number is for demonstrative purposes only

Overall Odds

The overall odds of winning a prize in any tier are different in some participating countries due to the number of prize tiers available.

Country Overall Odds of Winning a Prize
Belgium Belgium 1 in 1.75*
Denmark Denmark 1 in 50
Estonia Estonia 1 in 21
Finland Finland 1 in 50**
Iceland Iceland 1 in 50
Latvia Latvia 1 in 50
Lithuania Lithuania 1 in 21
Norway Norway 1 in 50
Slovenia Slovenia 1 in 21
Sweden Sweden 1 in 51

*The overall odds of winning in Belgium are better than in other countries because Belgian players can win a prize for matching just one number and the Viking Number

**Odds improve to 1 in 19 when playing Finland's Plus number

The number of players in a particular draw does not affect your chance of winning; the odds are the same for every draw and for every line entered. The only way the odds of winning can change is if you play in a different country with different prize tiers or, in Finland's case, you play the Plus number.

The Odds of Matching Finland's Plus Number

The Plus number is an add-on to the main Vikinglotto draw that is exclusively available to players in Finland. For an additional €0.40 stake you are assigned a random number between 1 and 30 and if it matches the Plus number drawn alongside the main Vikinglotto numbers, any non-jackpot prizes you win are multiplied by five. You can add up to €1 million to your original prize in this way and you win €5 if you match the Plus number alone.

The table below shows the odds of winning a prize in each tier as well as matching the Plus number:

Prize Tier Odds of Winning
Match 6 + Plus Number
Match 6 and Plus Ball
1 in 420,737,550
Match 5 + Viking Number + Plus Number
Match 5 + Viking Ball + Plus Number
1 in 11,687,160
Match 5 + Plus Number
Match 5 + Plus Number
1 in 1,669,590
Match 4 + Plus Number + Viking
Match 4 + Plus Number + Viking
1 in 228,030
Match 4 + Plus Number
Match 4 + Plus Number
1 in 32,580
Match 3 + Viking + Plus Number
Match 3 + Viking + Plus Number
1 in 12,840
Match 3 + Plus Number
Match 3 + Plus Number
1 in 1,830
Plus Number
Plus Number
1 in 30

Playing the Plus number improves the overall odds of winning any prize to 1 in 19.