Vikinglotto Winners

The biggest Vikinglotto jackpot ever won was €44 million, which was split between two winning tickets in 2016. In 2017, a jackpot cap of €35 million was introduced, meaning that this record amount is unlikely to be surpassed. The jackpot cap was lowered to €25 million in June 2021 when further changes were made to the game. Once the jackpot reaches this cap, any additional funds from ticket sales are diverted to the prize tier below, which is also capped at €25 million.

Top 10 Biggest Vikinglotto Winners

Below are the ten biggest ever Vikinglotto winners across all participating countries:

August 2016

Before the jackpot cap was introduced, two tickets - one from Norway and one from Denmark - split the biggest prize in the lottery’s history. Both matched the six main Vikinglotto numbers as well as the international Lucky Number to win €22 million each. The Norwegian ticket, which was owned by a Cooperative Bank of ten players, also matched the Norwegian Lucky Number to win an additional 100 million kroner (€10 million). The Lucky Number pots were replaced by the Viking number in 2017.

November 2017

In November 2017, a woman from Oslo won the second-biggest prize ever seen in Vikinglotto and the third-biggest lottery prize ever won in Norway. No one had won the jackpot since 14th June that year, so it had rolled over for nearly six months before it was won.

April 2018

A Norwegian man was the sole winner of the third-biggest prize in the lottery's history, but he told officials at providers Norsk Tipping that he vowed to continue working despite the windfall.

May 2013

A man from Troms in Norway matched all six main numbers, as well as the international Lucky Number pot and Norwegian Lucky Number pot. This jackpot would stand as the record amount won on a single ticket for nearly four and a half years.

Group of people
April 2017

A Cooperative Bank of ten Norwegian players split the top prize to take home over €2 million each. The winners were from all over the country, from Trondheim to Akershus, but they entered separately online and did not know each other personally. You can learn more about Cooperative Banks on our Systems page.

Denmark Landmark
November 2012

Two tickets - one bought from a gas station in Helsinki, Finland, and one from Denmark - both matched all six numbers to take home over €7.5 million each.

Denmark Landmark
August 2013

In 2013, a Danish ticket holder became the second-biggest lottery winner in the country’s history after landing the jackpot in the Onsdags Lotto (later renamed Vikinglotto). This is the biggest Vikinglotto jackpot win ever claimed outside of Norway.

May 2014

Another Finnish winner, this one from Suomussalmi, landed just under €7.5 million to become the country's biggest single jackpot winner.

June 2017

Won by a single ticket holder from Denmark. The ticket was bought from a Golden Baker store in Vordingborg, and was the eighth-biggest lottery win in Denmark’s history at the time.

October 2013

This jackpot was also won by a single ticket holder from Denmark. At the time, this was the fourth-biggest lottery win in the country’s history. The winning ticket was bought online through Danish lottery provider Danske Spil.