Iceland Lotto

Iceland’s Lotto is played every Saturday night. The game offers five different ways to win and jackpots start at a minimum of 5 million kr. The top prize can grow far larger if nobody matches all five numbers.

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25th January 2020
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How to Play

To play Lotto in Iceland, you need to select five numbers from a pool of 40. The cut-off time for ticket sales is 18:40 GMT (19:40 CET), and each line of numbers costs 130 kr.

When the draw takes place, a Bonus Ball is also randomly selected from the remaining 35 balls after the five main numbers are drawn. You win the jackpot if you match all five main numbers, but you can also win other prizes for matching as few as two main numbers plus the Bonus Ball.

Prizes are calculated on a pari-mutuel basis, so they depend on how many people buy tickets and how many winners there are. The table below shows how the prize fund is distributed and the odds of winning for each tier.

Numbers MatchedOdds of WinningPercentage of Prize Fund
51 in 658,00857%
4 + Bonus1 in 131,6022.5%
41 in 3,76014.5%
31 in 11117.5%
2 + Bonus1 in 1178.5%

There is no jackpot cap in the Icelandic Lotto, so the top prize can keep climbing until someone matches all five main numbers. The money for the second prize tier also rolls over to the next draw if nobody matches four main numbers plus the Bonus Ball.


18th January 2020
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  • 5
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Iceland’s Joker can be played on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday, alongside Vikinglotto, Eurojackpot or Icelandic Lotto. The Saturday Joker is drawn alongside the main Icelandic Lotto draw at 18:54 GMT (19:54 CET).

To play Joker in Iceland, you have to select five numbers between 0 and 9. The same number can be selected multiple times. A winning five-digit Joker number is then randomly generated on the night of the draw, and you win prizes based on how many digits you match in the right order, from the front or back of the Joker number.

For example, if the Joker number generated is 24845 and your number is 12345, you would win because it matches two digits in the same place from the back: ***45. The more digits matched, the bigger the prize.

Numbers Matched (in order)Odds of WinningPrize
51 in 100,0002,000,000 kr
41 in 5,556100,000 kr
31 in 55610,000 kr
21 in 562,000 kr

System Games

You can also play system entries in Icelandic Lotto by selecting a range of six or more numbers. Each combination of five numbers within your selected range is then entered into the game as a separate line. The cost increases with each combination you play, but the chances of winning also improve.

The following table shows how many combinations you will play if you select between six and 10 numbers, as well as the total cost associated with each system:

Numbers SelectedCombinationsTotal Cost
66780 kr
7212,730 kr
8567,280 kr
912616,380 kr
1025232,760 kr

Interesting Fact

The record for Iceland’s largest Lotto win stands at 80 million kr.

Of all the money raised from ticket sales, 45% is allocated for prizes. Awards of greater than 1 million kr can only be paid out at least a month after the draw has taken place, so that checks can be carried out beforehand.